New Conservative Climate Caucus chair announced

Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa is now serving as chair of the Conservative Climate Caucus, taking the reins from founder and former chair GOP Rep. John Curtis of Utah, who has shifted “to an advisory role as Chair Emeritus,” according to a press release.

“I am grateful for Rep. Curtis’ leadership founding and growing the Conservative Climate Caucus,” Miller-Meeks noted, according to the press release. “The U.S. is a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, all while increasing energy production. As I assume leadership of the Caucus, I look forward to continuing to promote an any-of-the-above strategy for ensuring U.S. energy dominance with a globally competitive economy, while simultaneously reducing emissions for a cleaner, healthier planet.”

“I could not be more excited handing the keys to one of the most effective and ambitious members of the Republican Conference to keep our Caucus moving forward,” noted Curtis, who is seeking to secure a seat in the U.S. Senate. “Rep. Miller-Meeks has been a constant advocate for energy and climate issues, representing her rural and energy rich district incredibly well.”

There are a more than six dozen individuals listed as caucus members, including figures such as GOP Reps. Dan Crenshaw of Texas, Burgess Owens of Utah, Nancy Mace of South Carolina, Tim Burchett of Tennessee, and Paul Gosar of Arizona.

“The climate is changing, and decades of a global industrial era that has brought prosperity to the world has also contributed to that change,” a webpage about the caucus claims. “Reducing emissions is the goal, not reducing energy choices.”

The page states that the caucus educates House GOP lawmakers “on climate policies and legislation consistent with conservative values,” organizes “member and staff briefings on conservative climate proposals,” brings “Republicans to the table to fight against radical progressive climate proposals that would hurt our economy, American workers, and national security,” organizes “co-dels and staff-dels to better understand technologies and issues related to climate,” and introduces “Republican members and staff to leaders in industry, think tanks, and more.”

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