Panel of attorneys tell Jake Tapper why Alvin Bragg's case against Trump is doomed: 'The prosecution hasn't met its burden'

A panel of attorneys told CNN anchor Jake Tapper on Tuesday that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s (D) case against Donald Trump is entering the territory of doom.

Earlier in the day, Trump’s defense team cross-examined Michael Cohen, one of the prosecution’s star witnesses. For several hours, Trump attorney Todd Blanche worked to impeach Cohen’s character as an honest and credible witness.

‘As the days go on, it in this case looks weaker and weaker.’

That strategy worked, according to attorney Bill Brennan.

“This witness is perfect for Todd Blanche,” he told Tapper. “And all the people second-guessing each and every question — sit down, get your popcorn, let Mr. Blanche do his job.

“The judge will charge to this jury that if a witness has a bias or skin in the game, you take that testimony with caution,” Brennan explained. “The witness is supposed to say, ‘They rob the bank, they drove the car. It was blue, and it was raining out.’ Not, ‘I want him in jail. I got a little silly little T-shirt on.’ This Cohen is reprehensible.”

Attorney and CNN analyst Carrie Cordero, meanwhile, explained that prosecutors have not sufficiently met the burden required to convict Trump.

“I was here with you when the indictment first came out, and I thought it was underwhelming at the time. And as the trial continues, I still am not seeing the prosecutors get to the part where they really have demonstrated that at the former president had the intent to commit the underlying crime and to influence the election,” Cordero explained.

“My big question is when they finally wrap up with Michael Cohen, what is the defense is going to do? Are they going to actually present a defense or are they going to stand up and say, you know what? The prosecution hasn’t met its burden,” she explained.

If the defense were to rest its case, that would be a “baller” move, the panel agreed.

And it’s a strategy that Trump’s defense should consider, Cordero said.

“I think at this point there would be a strong argument for the defense to just stand up and say, ‘Look, the prosecution hasn’t met its burden in this case. Here’s all the things that they have to prove. They haven’t gotten there. And it’s time for everybody to go home,'” she explained.

Attorney Michael van der Veen agreed the case is weak — and only getting worse.

“You know, this case hasn’t gone in the way I think it was billed to go in,” Van der Veen said. “As the days go on, it in this case looks weaker and weaker. I think it’s probably less that they have to put on for defense.”

Cohen is expected to return to the witness stand on Thursday when the trial resumes.

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