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The season 2 finale of Halmark’s hit series, “The Way Home,” airs tonight on Sunday, March 31. While the show has revealed quite a few mysteries to fans, there are still a lot of questions left to answer. And after the cliffhanger that ended last week’s episode, there’s no doubt that the finale is going to be intense.

The good news is that the series has already been renewed for season 3. Kelly Garrett, VP Development, hinted to Deadline: “While some questions will be answered by the end of this season, the Landrys’ journey is far from over and there’s much more to tell.”

Below you’ll find spoilers for the season 2 finale, including sneak peek videos, the title, the synopsis, a cast list with clues, and photos released by Hallmark.

Note: There will be spoilers for the season 2 finale in this story. 

‘The Way Home’ Season 2 Finale Title, Synopsis & Trailer

Season 2 episode 10 (the season 2 finale) is titled “Bring Me To Life,” according to Hallmark’s press releases.

The basic synopsis reads: “Del, Kat, Alice and Elliot each receive answers about their past and present, while hope for the future brings new questions.”

Here’s a sneak peek for the finale:

The Cast List for the Season 2 Finale Sparks Questions

There’s an interesting cast of character lineup for the finale:

  • Andie MacDowell (Del Landry)
  • Chyler Leigh (Kat Landry)
  • Evan Williams (Elliot Augustine)
  • Sadie Laflamme-Snow (Alice Dhawan)
  • Jefferson Brown (Colton Landry)
  • Kris Holden-Ried (Thomas Coyle)
  • Spencer Macpherson (Adult Jacob)
  • Alex Hook (Teen Kat)
  • David Webster (Teen Elliot)
  • Vaughan Murrae (Casey Goodwin)
  • Rob Stewart (Sam Bishop)
  • James Gallanders (Victor Augustine)
  • Watson Rose (Susanna Augustine)
  • Stuart Hughes (Elijah Landry)
  • Tim Post (Cyrus Goodwin)
  • Alexander Eling (Noah)
  • Remy Smith (Jacob Landry)
  • Agi Gallus (Elderly Woman)
  • Lincoln Reign McCaffrey (Little Boy)

All the main characters will be back (including teen Kat and teen Elliot, but no sign of teen or adult Nick.) Cyrus Goodwin will be returning, along with Colton, Sam Bishop, Elliot’s dad Victor, Susannah, Thomas, Elijah, adult Jacob, little Jacob, and Noah.

Even Casey will be returning. Fans have had a lot of theories about Casey, including a few people wondering if Casey might be a time traveler also.

In the cast list for the finale, Agi Gallus is listed as playing an “elderly woman” and Lincoln Reign McCaffrey is listed as playing a “little boy.” They also appeared as the same characters in the episode “The Space Between” (season 2 episode 1.) They are not the same actors who portray young Jacob or Elijah’s wife Rebecca. In a public Facebook group sharing fan theories about “The Way Home,” viewers shared screenshots from season 2 episode 1 and debated about who the characters might really be. Some wondered if the little boy might be Colton, Elliot, or another character who has time-traveled without our knowledge.

In season 2 episode 1, the elderly woman told the boy that the pond would always take you where you need to go. Interestingly, that’s a phrase that adult Elliot has used quite a bit when discussing the pond.

Photos From the Finale

Hallmark has released photos giving clues about what to expect in the finale.

Hallmark“The Way Home”

Hallmark“The Way Home”

Hallmark“The Way Home”

We see Del and Sam sharing some time together.

HallmarkDel and Sam

HallmarkDel and Sam

Del and Sam

HallmarkDel and Sam

Casey has an unexpected return.

Casey is back.

HallmarkCasey is back.

Del and Kat will have a serious conversation about the future.



Alice will play her grandfather’s guitar again (which has a Coyle’s sticker on it, interestingly.)

Coyle's guitar with Alice.

HallmarkCoyle’s guitar with Alice.

And the cliffhanger involving Thomas Coyle will be revisited.

Thomas and Kat

HallmarkThomas and Kat

Thomas and Kat

HallmarkThomas and Kat

Thomas and Kat

HallmarkThomas and Kat

This will no doubt be an intense episode with some surprising revelations.

“The Way Home” returns in 2025.

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