Ryan Garcia arrested; posts bizarre rant calling himself ‘Ryan Spears’

Ryan Garcia is once again the talk of the boxing world — but not for anything that happened in the ring.

The 25-year-old boxer was arrested on a charge of felony vandalism at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Beverly Hills, before being transported to a local hospital for medical care.

“I’m worried 🙁 I have to be at this weird hospital and they are trying to give me medicine and they have me on a hold for who knows how long, they will determine,” Garcia wrote in a post on X.

Garcia finished the post asking his followers to pray for him and wrote “God help me.” In another post, Garcia compared himself to Britney Spears and called himself “Ryan Spears.”

“Whatever is going on here with Ryan Garcia?” Jason Whitlock asks, dumbfounded.

“I mean, think about what has happened since he beat Devin Hayne,” Steve Kim starts. “He did knock him out, he did knock him down, three times, won that fight decisively in what I believe is a tainted victory.”

“Fails a drug test, and then he goes on all these conspiracy theories, him and his father, old Henry, my old buddy. They blame Victor Conte, they blame VADA, they blame a supplement company. All of that is falling apart,” Kim explains.

While Garcia’s antics have pushed people like Kim away, they’ve drawn others in.

“They were able to manipulate certain members of the media and the YouTube community who are basically falling in line because he’s useful to them, because he brings in hits,” Kim says.

Not too long ago, Garcia had become vocal about his mental health issues and claimed he wanted to become an advocate.

“But then, when you bring up his mental health for this past fight, he’ll tell you, ‘No, no, no, I’m not crazy, you’re not allowed to do any evaluations of me.’ This was all an act. So, we’re talking about a mental health advocate who mocked his own mental health in the name of promoting a fight,” Kim explains, adding, “Get your story straight.”

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