The View Pauses Live Segment After the Lights Flicker in Studio

Is The View set experiencing some paranormal activity? During an episode of the talk show on Tuesday, April 2, the cohosts were thrown for a loop after the lights began flickering on set.

Sunny Hostin was in the middle of talking when she abruptly stopped and looked around the room. “Uh oh,” she told her costars. “Someone’s speaking to us, the lights are flickering!”

The hosting panel began wondering what was going on, as some claimed to notice the lights flickering and others seemed like they didn’t even realize.

“Do you see it? No. Does anybody else see the lights flicker?” Whoopi Goldberg asked her colleagues and the audience. “OK. OK.”

Sunny, 55, tried to continue on with the segment but decided to poke fun at the unexpected moment just a few short seconds later. “Did you do anything bad this weekend, Whoopi? What’s going on?” Sunny playfully asked.

But like the experienced TV presenters that they are, they continued on with the segment after experiencing the minor technical difficulty. The lights flickering could possibly be due in part to the storms hitting the East Coast, as the long-running talk show is filmed at ABC Studios in New York City.

Just last week, the cohosts were rattled after Whoopi, 68, paused the show and got out of her seat to scold an audience member for using his cellphone. The incident happened during the “Hot Topics” portion of the show on March 26.

The View cast

“Hold on a second. Sir, I have to stop you with the camera because I can see you,” the Sister Act star told the audience member. “Do me a favor: Don’t pull it out again. I’d appreciate that. Thank you.”

“What was he doing?” Joy Behar asked after Whoopi handled the situation. Sara Haines replied, “Recording.”

Recording and the use of phones is not allowed during live tapings of The View. But it seems like Joy, 81, might not have gotten the memo as her phone has rung multiple times during episodes of the live broadcast throughout the seasons.

“Joy, where do you have to be?” Sunny asked when Joy’s phone alarm blared during a March 21 episode of the program. The comedian joked that the alarm was a reminder that she “needs to get a job.”

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