Trump voters demonstrate peacefully while anti-Israel protesters rage

The Big Apple was bustling as usual on Friday afternoon, but something was different. Former President Donald Trump had been found guilty the day before on 34 felony counts in what many legal observers say was, at a bare minimum, an unusually unbalanced trial. It’s no exaggeration to say America had just entered a new era.

Naturally, there was outrage from Trump supporters and independent-minded Americans who viewed the verdict as another point of no return when it comes to how the republic should work. Those days are long gone and have been for some time.

Call it a two-tier justice system or anarcho-tyranny, it’s clear these far-left groups are allowed to do what they want with few or no repercussions.

Outside Trump Tower, demonstrators gathered to show their support for the presumptive Republican nominee. But because it’s deep blue Manhattan, a few supporters of Joe Biden showed up to gloat over the fact that Trump was now a convicted felon. There were profanities exchanged from both sides and the NYPD had to work to ensure that the two sides did not get too close to each other.

To maintain peace, police eventually decided to move the demonstrators away from the main entrance of Trump Tower. Although some Trump supporters griped about the decision, they complied. No major acts of violence occurred on Friday or on Thursday when the verdict was announced. Despite the anger, their energy was focused on winning the November election.

Trump Tower

Contrast that with the ongoing anti-Israel and anti-U.S. protest movement, which also hosted a protest across the bridge in Brooklyn. Starting out at the Barclays Center, the crowd marched around the neighborhood before ending up outside the Brooklyn Museum. The mob wanted to occupy the building to pressure the museum to heed their demands. Some got in, but NYPD officers moved in to prevent more people from entering the building.

Protesters antagonized the police, creating another tension-filled situation. Officers quickly began making arrests, which enraged the crowd. People surrounded the officers to prevent them from taking the arrestees away, leading to more fights between the officers and the crowd. Bottles were thrown at the officers, resulting in more arrests and further outrage and shrieking from the anti-Israel group.

RAW FOOTAGE: Pro-Palestine Protest in Brooklyn Leads to 34

The NYPD has faced one challenging situation after another since the Hamas attacks in Israel on October 7. Nearly every day, a large protest occurs somewhere in the five boroughs, drawing manpower away from an embattled police department struggling with a crime wave.

In the end, the protesters who were arrested were unlikely to face any repercussions, as participants in similar protests were quickly released.

The far left’s ongoing ability to cause mayhem in big cities is a direct consequence of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots of 2020. While Democrats love to highlight the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot, it was a one-day event. In contrast, the far left orchestrated some of the most destructive riots in recent history during that chaotic year. These protesters continue to disrupt regular Americans trying to go about their day, whether by blocking traffic on vital roadways or setting up blockades at airports.

The White House perimeter has been attacked twice by these radical groups. It might be attacked again on Saturday, as anti-Israel groups are calling for people to “surround” the White House.

Call it a two-tier justice system or anarcho-tyranny, it’s clear these far-left groups are allowed to do what they want with few or no repercussions. Continuing to allow that different level of treatment is bad for the health of the nation and will lead the general peacefulness we take for granted to deteriorate beyond the point of sustainability.

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