Venezuelan who illegally crossed into US is suspect in shooting of two NYPD officers

A processed and released Venezuelan who illegally crossed into Eagle Pass, Texas, last year is accused of shooting two New York City police officers and is suspected in being involved in multiple thefts. The officers fired back and hit the Venezuelan.

Officer Christopher Abreu, 26, was shot in the leg. Officer Richard Yarusso, 26, was hit by a bullet in his vest and grazed in the stomach. Bernardo Raul Castro Mato was shot in his lower leg, according to WABC. Both officers were released from the hospital Monday morning.

The NYPD said Mato was stopped on a moped due to going the wrong way. Mato fled on foot before using a handgun to shoot at the pursuing officers. WABC reported Mato is a suspect in several robberies in Queens, where cell phones were snatched from victims’ hands. In one case, a woman was attacked and her credit card was stolen and then used in a smoke shop.

The NYPD posted a photo of the Hi-Point they say Mato used to shoot at the officers.

Mato had been staying at a a hotel that has been converted into a taxpayer-funded shelter, after arriving in New York City from the southern border.

“This is a bullet hole. Because of this vest, a young police officer is going home. Senseless act of violence, a total disregard for life. Our officers responded with a level of discipline, focus, professionalism, and today we thank God,” Mayor Eric Adams said at a press conference while holding up the vest that saved Yarusso’s life.

The NYPD posted a photo of the Hi-Point they say Mato used to shot at the officers.

When Abreu and Yarusso were released from the hospital, other members of the department were outside to greet and cheer for them.

Crimes committed by illegal immigrants have become a big issue for sanctuary cities due to hundreds of thousands of them arriving within a short amount of time. Cities like Chicago, Denver, and New York City have spent millions of dollars in an effort to support those who have been released by Border Patrol.

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