Will Narendra Modi serve another term as India’s prime minister? | Narendra Modi

PM credited with economic growth but criticised for Hindu nationalist policies.

Almost one billion people in India are eligible to vote in the upcoming general election, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi is widely expected to win a third term.

Hoping to stop him, dozens of opposition parties have joined forces and formed a coalition to rival his Bharatiya Janata Party.

Modi has been in power since 2014 and is credited with revitalising the economy.

But opponents accuse him of stifling dissent and crushing political rivals.

So how much has Modi achieved? And will the criticism of the prime minister be enough for voters to seek a different leader?

Presenter: James Bays


Yamini Aiyar – public policy scholar who specialises in governance, politics and social policy

Ravi Agrawal – editor-in-chief of Foreign Policy magazine

Nilanjan Mukhopadyay – journalist who focuses on Hindu nationalist politics

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